The Process

Contact Me

Sooo? I managed to get you interested. Aright, the steps I have are really easy to follow. First off you need to add me either on Skype or Discord. Once you've added me I will try to accept it as soon as possible and get in contact with you.

Are you more interested on how it works?
I've made up some steps for you above.


Once I've accepted your friend request either on Discord or Skype I will then send you a message. Once you see the message you can then explain what your looking for and what your budget is. I recommend having some images as examples on what you want to be done. That will make it easier for both me and you.


When you've explained what you want we will then procced to the Payment. BUT! Before going to the payment I will send you my TOS which you need to agree to in order to continue with your order. Once you've accepted the TOS you then need to pay 50% before starting on the project and 50% once it's done.


Throughout the procces of development I will update you with screenshots on what I've done so far. This way you can take a look if you like it or not, if you want to make some changes and all that. Once I've finished the whole project I will then send you a live demo (If possible otherwise some images)